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Know the types of scents that actually make your fragrances!

Know the types of scents that actually make your fragrances!

The perfume you use on a regular basis is not a single scent extracted from any single flower or fruit, or anything for that matter. Perfume creation is pure alchemy of mixing scents to produce a divine smelling scent. There will be 3 different layers of fragrances in each of the perfumes called notes.

If you are unaware of perfume notes, before reading any further,  we strongly recommend you to read this TRU Perfume blog  from our experts. This blog here explains the basics of perfumes and its notes. Only after reading the later continue to read this. (Or else you may not understand the language of perfumes!)

Whether it is a perfume for men or a womens fragrance, all perfume brands create scents just the way said above, mixing scents.

There are 5 basic types of scents that are mixed in innumerable combinations to bring out many pleasant smelling fragrances.  

These basic scents when combined with others along with the knowledge of fragrance alchemy they produce combinations of fragrances which are sensual, seductive, strong, mild, elegant etc whatever you describe a scent as! 

Isn't it good to know these basic scents? Of course, it is… It will help you choose your perfumes easily and understand your buy on perfumes online store.

There are 5 different types of base note perfume fragrances that are used to make these mixtures and below is the list of them where our TRU Perfume experts explain each one of them.

  • The World of Oriental fragrances

These scents are a blend of musk, golden Oud and cinnamon. They are substantial, solid and rich fragrances that suit enigmatic ladies and gentlemen. 

These scents are an indication of intensity, style, and extravagance, in this manner, they are generally worn during the evening and never worn every day to work, school or with an easygoing day outfit. Shalimar is just out of the oriental fragrances world that one must try for that special night. Buy it at TRUPerfumes at a discounted price. Check out our huge range of perfumes at out perfume store TRU Perfumes

TRU perfumes

  • The heaven of earthy and wood scents

These warm and personal aromas ought to be the primary decision of genuine and tasteful ladies and gentlemen. They are a blend of wood scents like sandalwood and flavours, and thus generate warmth. They ought to be worn during winter for the absolute feel of their warmth and sensuality.  

Encre Noire from Lalique is a pleasant combination of earthy and wood scents. Explore more earthy scents at TRU Perfumes now! 

TRU perfumes

  • Sweet and Sugary aroma that fills the room!

They are like the smell of sweet little candy, for example, fruits, caramel or a candy treat. Young ladies incline toward these fragrances the most since they include a bit of joy and essentialness. 

They are appropriate for everyday usage and can be worn at work or school.

 V&R Flowerbomb is a floral explosion, attacking your senses in the most beautiful and poignant way. Take a walk through the Garden of Eden as the perfumes magically evocative notes inspire your imagination into action. Buy this and more from Viktor & Rolf here at TRU Perfumes.

TRU perfumes

  • The world of flowers and fruits 

These aromas incorporate the classic mix of specific blossoms and organic products, for example: lily, rose jade, violet, jasmine, orange, mango and others. These are one of the most loved combinations of perfumes. Perfect for day and evening wear.  

Jimmy Choo Blossom is an exquisite floral and fruity perfume that can elevate you to a dreamy world. Buy this beautiful fragrance and more Jimmy choo perfumes today at TRU Perfumes

TRU perfumes

  • The world of Fresh and green just like a morning ocean

These are the perfumes which give you that instant freshness and clean feel. You can relate these scents to the smell of soaps, shampoos etc. They work best for summer outdoor activities and when on vacation.  

Davidoff Cool water is one of the popular perfumes in the fresh and green category. Buy Davidoff cool water and other Davidoff perfumes along with a huge range of other popular perfumes here at TRU Perfumes today!

TRU perfumes

By knowing these base notes, you will be able to pick a fragrance that is perfect for any occasion. Now embracing new fragrances and colognes are a lot easier. Explore our entire range of TRU Perfumes.

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