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"Happiness is when what you think, say and do are in complete harmony"

Candles always add charm and are one of the oldest and most effective ways to make your home smell nice and look & feel beautiful. The market is full of scented candles which are made of paraffin and other petroleum products, to high-range soy and beeswax candles. 

One can place as many scented candles depending on the size of the room for the right amount of fragrance to engulf it. Once the candle is lit, it takes an hour to spread the fragrance which will linger for another hour or so till the candles are snuffed. Given its inflammable nature, you will have to place them carefully in safe spots around the room. 

Candles not only remove bad odour but also add fragrance and help in illumination. So, when you are using candles, you are setting the tone and making your room smell classy .

Do visit our online platform TRU PERFUMES for getting one for yourself from the wide range offered. You definitely will enjoy our finest and high quality Just like our room sprays, our 130g soy candles are made in Australia using the highest quality fragrances, essential oils and natural lead-free cotton wicks. Their aroma will not only enhance the ambience of your homes, but also promote your well being as it slides you into deep relaxation.

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Sit back, relax and enjoy the aromatic sensations that Home fragrances give you. Choose from a wide range of fragrances, sprays, candles and different fragrance notes of your choice. Scents not only improve your moods sense but also bring in all sweet memories. So have the cozy dreamy factor the whole year with these classy home fragrances.

Bergamot is used to refresh you in the mornings and help you to get ready for the day. But it works well before bed too! Making you feel relaxed and stress free and you tend to sleep for a longer time.

Mixing aromas can be really fun and is a great way to experiment with what works best for you – try pairing bergamot with something herby and calming like lavender, or with sandalwood for a warmer, spicier smell.  For a warm spicer smell try bergamot with sandalwood the mix of aromas is really fun. Try this TRU Soy Candles from our online platform TRU PERFUMES.

TRU Soy Candles



Our Soy Candles are triple scented which are infused in sea salt and bergamot and includes notes of sandalwood.

  • Natural lead free cotton wicks
  • Boxed candle
  • 100% all natural waxes
  • High quality fragrances and essential oils
  • Triple scented
  • Paraben free and Phthalate free.
  • Vegan friendly and not tested on animals

This fragrance refreshes your room and removes all unpleasant odors. So what are you waiting for! TRU Soy Candles shopping wishes?  Shop only at TRU PERFUMES. Shop for your loved ones who love such fragrances only at TRU PERFUMES.

Concluding note:

“Your strongest connection with yourself is your sense of smell”

The perfume that gets you noticed is a timeless scent that you must not let go!

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