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Bask in everyday luxury with Leather Perfumes!

Bask in everyday luxury with Leather Perfumes!

From velvety fruity florals to smoky woody varieties, leather fragrances are the ideal fragrance for spring and winter. Here, we will take a look at the absolute best leather scents, perfect for cooler days and evenings.

There's nothing like the smell of high-quality leather. It has an amazing profound sophistication and enigma to it, but then it's soothing at the same time. Likewise, it’s presumably one of the most grounded and mature fragrance notes that is popular and is linked to your memory; regardless of whether it's the smell of your dad's leather coat when he used to hold you as a youngster, or the smell of your first new car interiors, leather makes us emotionally involved… and that is actually why it is often used in colognes and fragrances!

Leather notes are commonly used in colognes and perfume for men, however, that is not the case any more. 

Many popular perfumes have started using these buttery soft fragrances of leather in womens fragrance and are shockingly feminine! 

Leather likewise makes for a fantastic base note as it adds a rich elegance to a fragrance 

Our experts at TRU Perfumes bring you top 5 everyday luxury with these leather perfumes online, that you can buy from our perfume storeTRU Perfumes.

Without any delay, let us dive into our TRU Perfumes expert’s top picks of leather fragrances.


  • Tom Ford Tuscan Leather: Without a doubt, It had to be on top of the list!  Given to the fragrance of fine leather, Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather is a warming unisex perfume. A contemporary take on classic leather fragrances, it utilizes a particular mix of raspberry, jasmine, golden and softened the leather to make a warm, peppery scent that puts a leather note at its heart. Buy Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Parfum Unisex at TRU Perfumes now!

  • Guerlain JickyOne of the classics. Created in 1889, it is timeless and contemporary till date. Lavender and vanilla completely placed on a leathery carpet of complex spices and leather make it a timeless perfume. Buy Tom Ford Tuscan Leather today at TRU Perfumes.

  • Ralph Lauren Safari: Formal and ultra-masculine is what this perfume is all about. Feel the old world charm right today with this rustic leather fragrance. Cologne for men who know the classics and is a class apart! Buy Ralph Lauren Safari, popular perfume now at TRU Perfumes.

  • With this list of popular perfumes based on leather notes, our experts certainly steered us to the history of perfumes and the nostalgia of leather! 

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