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7 celebrity perfumes for women that you must try now!

7 celebrity perfumes for women that you must try now!

Celebrities fade, but not the celebrity perfume brands! Experts at TRU Perfumes understand how celebrities influence their fans!

When you start to follow a celebrity, you, without your knowledge start to introduce a few habits just like your favourite idol. Whether it is their dressing style, hairstyle or makeup, everything will be watched closely. 

Celebrities release fashion lines in their names to woo their fans and fragrances are part of it as well. 

When a celebrity wants to releasefragrance, they tie-up with a perfume house and make fragrances that reflect their personality.

Young or old, everyone alike at one point of life will have some celebrity as their idol and often get influenced by them.

In this blog, experts at TRU Perfumes bring you the top 7 celebrity women’s fragrance that has withstood the test of time and are a part of the best perfumes for women list.

Without any further delay, let us get to know the top picks, Check out whether your celebrity perfume brands are on our list. If not, then you got a brand new list of perfumes to try! (Who knows, this list may make you like that celebrity!)

As the yesteryear actress herself said “Big girls need big diamonds”, No wonder she named her first women fragrance she released as “White diamonds”. The perfume till date is considered as sensual, sophisticated and classy and grabs our first position. The notes of this floral scent are of Italian neroli, living amazon lily, Egyptian tuberose, Turkish rose, Italian orris, living narcissus, living jasmine, Italian sandalwood, patchouli, amber, and oakmoss. Buy White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor, a time tested fragrance at our perfume store online TRU Perfumes.

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 Being a destiny’s child and a queen B, Beyonce has captured millions of hearts with her singing talent. Her maiden perfume “Heat” has impressed the same just like her voice in the entire world. Heat is a vanilla oriental for women that sizzles -glamorous, confident and seductive. Top Notes notes are sweet with a bite---red vanilla-orchid, magnolia, neroli and peach. Buy Heat by Beyonce, a sensual and glamourous fragrance today at our perfume store TRU Perfumes.

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Introduced in 2013, Kim Kardashian Pure Honey is a warm, feminine fragrance for women who want to feel beautiful all day long. This scent features inviting notes of rose, freesia, orchid and honeysuckle, which combine perfectly with green accents to send a lovely, light message. Sweet and simple, this scent is great for a summer day lounging by the pool or let it carry you through a full day of work and into a relaxing evening. Buy Pure Honey by Kim Kardashian an ultra-feminine perfume today at our perfume online store TRU Perfumes.

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  • Purr by Katy Perry

  • Pop sensation Katy Perry is known for her eccentric lifestyle. Her products are top notch and high quality, her perfume can be described in the same way. Her love towards cats are very well known and no wonder she chose “purr” as her fragrance name! The perfume has notes of forbidden apple, peach, gardenia, green bamboo, jasmine, pink freesia, Bulgarian rose, vanilla orchid, creamy sandalwood, coconut, musk, and white amber. Purr by Katy Perry is a beauty that can be bought at our perfume store TRU Perfumes.


  • Ari by Ariana Grande 

  • The ever-popular Ariana Grande can do no wrong and her original scent, Ari was the first fragrance released by Ariana Grande. This feminine floral scent has a base of musk, woods and marshmallow, opening with sparkling fruity notes. It is sweet and sensual and perfect for all ages. Buy Ari by Ariana Grande, women’s fragrance at our perfume online store, TRU Perfumes

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    Business tycoon, socialite, heir to one of the world’s most popular luxury hotel chains, and supermodel, Paris Hilton was, for a time, at the top of the Celebrity chain. Her every move was chronicled by the paparazzi, and her fame extended into every possible medium.It was then her maiden perfume was released carrying her own name! Her popularity hit a bottom low but her perfume is still in the top charts. Buy the perfume Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton at our Perfume store at TRU Perfumes.

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  • Blue Glow by Jennifer Lopez

    J-lo aka Jennifer Lopez is one of the world's Top Notch performers, singers and celebrities, designs her own line of women clothing and has won awards for her fragrances. This fruity floral fragrance for women was inspired by the ocean. Top Notes notes include mangosteen, valencia orange and cranberry blossom. Buy this classic celebrity perfume called Blue Glow by Jennifer Lopez at our perfume store online at TRU Perfumes.

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    With this curated list of celebrity fragrances from TRU Perfumes experts, feel like a celeb full of glamour and sensuality.

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