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Gift set perfumes under $ 60 for women | TRU Perfumes

Gift set perfumes under $ 60 for women | TRU Perfumes

Who doesn’t love gifts? Everyone will be happy to receive gifts whether it's expensive or not. We at TRU Perfumes believe, people give gifts to show their love to each other. The receiver will always feel happy when the gift is of their choice and filled with love. 

Thinking about why we are discussing gifts? We're gonna tell you what's the best way to show your love! Indeed, we've got far to go until gift giving season, yet we hold the conviction that there's truly a constant reason to get your loved ones a lil something. 

Is their birthday coming up? Did you get a kick-ass bonus at work? Have they tuned in to your vent about your ex for a long time without griping? Uh, better believe it, there's a present for that, and we at TRU Perfumes are going to persuade you that it's fragrance

Today we at TRU Perfumes are going to let you know our choicest picks of perfume sets that are the best perfume for women. You need not always opt for single perfume bottles for gifting. Buying a pre-packed assorted perfume sets designed by the brand itself is an option that no one can deny.

These gift perfume sets come with mini-sized perfume assortment and some companies even provide creams and bath gels along with their perfumes. The perfumes which come with creams are used to layer the perfumes to enhance the longevity of the fragrance.

These perfumes for women gift sets are sure to make you a best gift giver! Every lady who receives these womens fragrance gift set will love you all the more!

Another vital thing here is that all these womens fragrance gift set are available just under $60! How good is that? A beautiful premium collection perfume sets now at affordable prices only at TRU Perfumes.

These perfume sets also act as a personalized gifts when these brands are a signature scent of your loved one. You will be giving your loved one a personalized gift of mini collection of their favourite brands.

So, without waiting anymore time, let's dive into the list of the awesome Perfume sets under AUD60 for women.

A beautiful and lovely fresh scent from the celebrity that assures you the compliments. With beautiful Magnolia scents, Curious has to be on the list when it's paired with its own scented body lotion to up the game of fragrance longevity. Buy this lovely perfume set called Curious 2 Piece Set by Britney spears: now at TRU Perfumes.

TRU perfumes

As the name suggests , Sunflowers is a perfume that gives you the best of refreshing notes in an instant! With loads of citrus fruits and floral fruity mix, this perfume is perfect for that bubbly kinda girl. The Perfume set comes with a body lotion and a shower gel to layer it up. A perfect pick for day wear. Buy this beautiful perfume set Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers at TRU Perfumes

TRU Perfumes

  • Giorgio Yellow from Giorgio Beverly Hills

  • Giorgo yellow is a warm fragrance just like the tender sunbeams. A classic from the 1980's and a symbol of luxury back then! Delicious, long lasting and cheerful is all we can say about this beautiful scent. The perfume set comes with a body lotion. Buy this sunshine perfume set Giorgio Yellow from Giorgio Beverly Hills at Tru Perfume for your little sunshine today!

    Tru Perfume

    If you had ever wanted to gift the best collection of Elizabeth Arden, then this is the best set for you! The set consists of all the fabulous perfumes from the brand. It has Red door, 5th avenue, Green Tea and Sunflower. Buy this awesome perfume set Elizabeth Arden 4pc mini set at TRU Perfumes for an unbeatable price.

    Tru Perfume

  • Elizabeth Taylor White Diamond

  • A sheer floral scent that is of top class. A pure floral bliss is what white diamond is all about. It's definitely a diamond in an array of floral perfumes. The perfume set comes with a body lotion to enhance the fragrance. Buy , Elizabeth Taylor White Diamond a beautiful and elegant Perfume set now at TRU Perfumes

    Tru Perfume

  • Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue 3 piece set

  • A fragrance for a woman who is intelligent, possesses a sense of style and is elegant who can carry herself as a diva in luxurious brands, and knows what it is like to be one! Buy Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue 3 piece set  an exquisite perfume set at an unbelievable price at TRU Perfumes  today!

    Tru Perfume

    Each of the above mentioned gift perfume sets at TRU Perfumes are now available at just under $60. What are you waiting for, find a reason to be best gift giver!!

    At TRU perfumes you can buy an exclusive collection of gift perfume setsfor your special one at  exciting discounts. We at TRU Perfumes  carry a huge collection of Perfume sets and colognes from popular perfume brands. Buy Perfume sets for him and Perfume sets for her here.

    At TRU Perfumes we have a huge collection of  Perfume for Women and Perfume for men along with that we have 

    At TRU Perfumes we bring you genuine perfumes at an affordable price and we have a huge collection of cheap women's perfume at our perfume store.

    At our perfume online store, we provide Australia-wide free shipping and you can also pick up your perfume from our store at 12 Fisher Street, Silverwater NSW 2128. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Shop beautiful perfumes right away at TRU PerfumesExperience the world of fragrance today.

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