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Know your Burberry as a fragrance lover | TRU Perfumes

Know your Burberry as a fragrance lover | TRU Perfumes

Burberry fragrance are those perfumes which will show its true essence when you think it is not working!  Hence the brand is in demand among popular perfumes even after its 100 years of existence. 

Burberry is originally a Garments line set up in the UK in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. In 1891, Burberry opened a shop in the Haymarket, London to sell its goods.

Burberry created a unique gabardine texture, and for a long time the Trench coat was the backbone of the Burberry business: It all began when a sales lady folded one end of the Trench coat to show the checkered pattern while displaying on a mannequin. This simple creative thinking led this brand to reach new heights!

The rest, as it's been said, is history: today the renowned Burberry checks can be seen on umbrellas to cashmere scarves to the dog leash.

"Burberry" was the first name until it progressed toward becoming "Burberrys", because of numerous clients from around the globe calling it "Burberrys of London". In 1999, the name was returned to the first, "Burberry". Be that as it may, the name "Burberrys of London" is as yet obvious on numerous more seasoned Burberry items. 

Meanwhile, innovative chief Christopher Bailey changed Burberry into an upscale fashion house. He left the organization in 2018, following 17 years. He was replaced by architect Riccardo Tisci, once of Givenchy.

Burberry perfume business was authorized to Inter Parfums through 2012. In mid-2013 the brand declared they would create scent in-house. Later, in 2017, the permit went to Coty.

The main popular perfume from the house include an exclusive collection of perfumes for men, Burberry perfume for men, appeared in 1981.

Other early Burberry colognes incorporate, Burberry Eau de parfum,  Burberry Weekend and Burberry Touch

In 1995 Burberry perfumes launched one of its classics Burberry Eau de parfum perfume for women. This is often referred to as Burberry for women. Buy this classic at TRU Perfumes now at a highly discounted prices.

 TRU Perfumes

Burberry launched another set of perfumes in 1997 carrying name Burberry weekend”.  This is one of the most popular scents from the house of Burberry. This has the classic tones amber and citrus combination. Buy this classic at TRU Perfumes now at a highly discounted prices.

TRU Perfumes

 TRU Perfumes


Another early classic from Burberry is Touch for women. This was released in 1998 originally. Later was reformulated and released to market in 2000 along with “Touch for Men”. This classic is now available at TRU Perfumes at a highly discounted prices.

 TRU Perfumes

TRU Perfumes


Burberry Brit, presented in 2003, was a gigantic achievement and was trailed by Brit Red, Brit Gold, Brit for men and Brit Anniversary Edition. Buy this Burberry Brit at TRU Perfumes now at a highly discounted prices.

 TRU Perfumes

In 2006 Burberry launched it's another super hit pair fragrance Burberry London. Buy this Burberry London at TRU Perfumes now at a highly discounted prices.

 TRU Perfumes

In 2007 Burberry again launched another brit series in the name of “ Brit-Sheer”. The Burberry perfume was well received by the users and is till date one of the most popular perfumes.  Buy this Burberry Brit Sheer at TRU Perfumes now at a highly discounted prices.

 TRU Perfumes

In 2016, Mr. Burberry original was launched while its new indigo edition was launched in 2018 making a mark in perfume brands. Buy Mr. Burberry and Mr. Burberry Indigo now at TRU Perfumes.

 TRU Perfumes
 TRU Perfumes


Burberry as a brand has been known for many controversies as the brand destroyed more than 90 million euro worth products in past 5 years. 

28.6 million Euros worth its goods that were not sold were listed at the end of the financial year 2018. These unsold goods were burnt down to ashes in order to protect its brand and prevent the items from being stolen or sold cheaply. The burning event included all the legacy items of Burberry including, clothes, robes, scarves, bags, perfumes and everything the company manufactured. 

Whatever the controversies, the brand knows it worth. The perfumistas and we at TRU Perfumes love Burberry perfumes!

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