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10 Floral fragrances to wear this spring & beyond! | TRU Perfumes

10 Floral fragrances to wear this spring & beyond! | TRU Perfumes
TRU Perfumes

These beautiful womens fragrances are going to make your spring more awesome, say our experts at TRU Perfumes.

The temperatures are (kind of) increasing, the sun is playing “peek a boo” and there's no uncertainty that it's formally - *almost* - spring.

With your regular spring cleaning and changing the styles, spring clean your aroma closet with new perfume for women that is a mood-lifter. There is nothing like spritzing on a crisp, fresh and floral fragrance that lets you venture outside into the best of weather while roaming around the town in your preferred jacket and that lovely mini skirt along with those beautiful leather shoes!

A beautiful floral fragrance will add to your style and will keep you fresh for longer hours. Spring is the best season to try on all the new perfume for women that are based on floral notes. Just like those beautiful flowers blooming outside you can bloom with freshness and be active this season. 

Here's our Tru Perfume expert’s pick of your perfect floral spring womens fragrancesGo spritz.

  • Giorgio Armani Si: This extremely elegant and refined perfume for women is a perfect pick for the spring season. With the blast of spring wine with berries and oriental florals this one makes you feel like you are in a garden of flowers and berries! Buy Giorgio Armani Si a beautiful floral fragrance now at TRU Perfumes.
TRU Perfumes

  • Black Opium BY YSL: A pure rush of sensuality is everything about this perfume for women! An amazing freshness that is truly magnificent and yet leaves you needing more. Flavourful, compelling and addictive mark of Black Opium finds in Black Opium Floral Shock. A crisp and fresh floral world in this captured in this tiny bottle of womens fragrance makes you forget where you are! Claim your world of florals today at TRU Perfumes  
  •   TRU Perfumes

  • Chloe Nomade: A perfect earthy floral fragrance that will transport you to a world of greens and clean floral woods! An ideal perfume for the spring season for those women who love simple yet seductive fragrances. Grab  Chloe Nomade now at TRU Perfumes.

    TRU Perfumes
  • Marc Jacobs Daisy Love: Addictive and compelling, Daisy Love fills the air with an infectious love of life. This brilliant floral aroma uncovers a burst of sweet cloudberries, delicate daisy petals and cashmere musks to make an enduring and paramount seductive perfume. Daisy Love blooms your mood with a larger than average daisy that reflects over the warm gleam of the spring season. Buy Marc Jacobs Daisy Love a lovely scent now at TRU Perfumes.

  • TRU Perfumes

    • Belle Florale Lancome LA Vie: As the name recommends,  is a flower a pure floral perfume. It is a flower fruity womens fragrance with fresh florals, fruity, woody, and osmanthus creating an absolute fresh floral scent. Made purely for spring day wear, the scent has a durable life span and moderate sillage. Buy this floral fragrance now at TRU Perfumes.


  • Flora gorgeous gardenia by Gucci: Experience the ultra Luxe in the goodness of a spring garden with dazzling gardenia from Gucci. This breathtakingly fruity botanical womens fragrance opens with notes of apple and red berries before progressing to a powerful note of gardenia. This floral extravaganza impression sticks with you and embraces your skin with verdant scrumptiousness. Buy Flora gorgeous gardenia by Gucci, a perfume for women now at TRU Perfumes.

  • TRU Perfumes
    • Miss Dior EDP: The new Miss Dior Eau de Parfum uncovers the sensuality of a beautiful flower. Miss Dior Eau de Parfum praises the magnificence of an arousing Grasse Rose enveloped by crisp notes and woven with an energetic Rosewood. The advanced and certain womanliness of an arousing flower scent.  This womens fragrance florality render it fleshly and sensuality and blast like the feeling of falling head over heels. Buy Miss Dior EDP now at TRU Perfumes
      TRU Perfumes


    TRU Perfumes

    TRU Perfumes

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