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Perfume Word wall: SILLAGE

Perfume Word wall: SILLAGE

Like wine, perfume can be really confusing. So come, let’s break down some of those froufrou terms you might come across when shopping for a scent.

The word “sillage” has a French origin which literally means wake or trail. According to the Oxford dictionary, sillage (n) is “the degree to which a perfume’s fragrance lingers in the air when worn”.

Sillage: Pronounced “see-yazh,” this refers to the trail of scent left behind from a perfume.

You know when someone steps off an elevator and you catch a whiff of their trailblazer, make sure to say “ Hello sillage !”

Click here to read some of the scents that travel far away from the wearer, and thus have sillage.

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