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Refreshing Spring Scents!

Refreshing Spring Scents!

What can you use in the morning after the gym or for a long day at the office ? Well, definitely something with a fresh and clean” out of the shower “ smell.  Also, the fact that it is not expensive, you can apply it a bit more generously to feel sharp and relaxed.


The citrusy notes in this scent are so energizing they announce the coming of summer !

Truly a fragrance with happiness –inducing notes of citrus with red fruits that would  brighten up your office or surroundings just like the ‘ clown’ in the Moschino universe.


The first spritz gives a sharp sweetness with strong sweet and bitter  orange notes. As it dries down, it gives a sensual floral note.
Poison Girl has a strong sillage with a lasting stay on the skin.
Perfect for day/night, spring/summer rendezvous.


Expected to be as versatile as Johnny Depp who is its spokesperson, has an amazing smell that lasts on the clothes and body  for a long time, It’s cool, fresh, fruity and clean vibes for sure makes its our Pick of the Season


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