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Buy a VIP ( Very Important Perfume) Survive the Melbourne Cup

Buy a VIP ( Very Important Perfume) Survive the Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is nearly here ! It is one of those fancy events where you want to use expensive perfumes that last longer and leave you smelling amazing despite the heat and dust. 

Before you head over to our store to splash out on the best designer brand fragrances and make a top of the line choice of genuine perfumes, TRU Perfumes will deliver two tips to understand how to get your money's worth:

1.The staying power of a perfume depends on the oil it contains. So, where possible, opt for the highest quality one you can afford. Generally, Eau de Parfum contain about 15 % and therefore tend to be the most expensive on the market. Eau de Toilettes have 8% and Colognes have 5 %.

2.Scents with citrus notes - think CK One tend to disappear quickest and are no good for a red carpet event or gala evening. On the other hand, woody notes tend to stick around on the skin for longer. 

So, now that you have been schooled to pick your VIP ( Very Important Perfume), what fragrance will you place your bet on ?

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