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Guerlain perfumes:191-years-old & going strong with Louis Vitton

Guerlain perfumes:191-years-old & going strong with Louis Vitton

Guerlain is one of the very few oldest houses of cosmetics and perfumery in the world which is even today considered royal and going strong! 

Guerlain house was established in 1828 by Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain. From the beginning they sold imported toiletry items; along the way, they started to build up their very own fragrances and to make custom perfumes for his customers.

They turned into the official provider to a large number of the delegated heads of Europe. Eau de Cologne Impériale (1853) was made for Empress Eugenie and presented the now-famous "honey bee bottle" adorned with the brilliant honey bees of the Napoleonic peak. 

After Pierre-François, his child Aimé Guerlain turned into the house perfumer and took over the business. His best-known fragrance, Jicky, was made in 1889 is considered as the first modern-day scent. Aimé was additionally said to have built up the well-known "Guerlinade" base utilised in huge number of the famous aromas from the House of Guerlain.

His nephew Jacques Guerlain took over as perfumer and launched Apres L'Ondee in 1906. He proceeded to make considerable artful culminations which built up Modern reputation of Guerlain, including L'Heure Bleue (1912), Mitsouko (1919) and Vol de Nuit (1933).

Shalimar, conceivably the house's most popular perfume even today, was presented in 1925. Its creation was said to have been a mishap: "while inspecting an example of vanillin, Jacques Guerlain all of a sudden emptied the whole substance into a close-by jug of Jicky, just to perceive what might happen! (As per “The book of perfumes” by Elisabeth Barille and Catherine Laroze) 

 Jean-Paul Guerlain, the grandson of Jacques Guerlain, was said to have aided the making of Ode (1956); his first solo aroma effort was Vetiver, in 1959. Other popular perfumes by Jean-Paul Guerlain incorporate Habit Rouge (1965), Chamade (1969), Eau de Guerlain (1974), Parure (1975), Nahéma (1979), Derby (1985), Samsara (1989).

Guerlain perfumes remained family-claimed until 1994 when it was procured by Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy. Jean-Paul Guerlain resigned in 2002, however, has kept on creating scents for the house. In 2008, it was declared that Thierry Wasser had been named Guerlain's home perfumer.

Some of the very popular and legacy perfumes from the house of Guerlain is listed below. 

TRU Perfumes
TRU Perfumes

  • Mitsouko: Introduced in 1919, the fragrance notes boasts of exotic fruits and spices, blended with soft mosses. Best recommended for evenings. A perfect pick for a woman of substance. Buy this as a gift to yourself or gift for wifegift for sistergifts for Xmasgifts for a birthdaygift for anniversary. Buy this perfume at a discounted price now at TRU Perfumes.

  • TRU Perfumes
    • Vol de Nuit: The cocktail of blended flowers at its heart is like fireworks, where daffodil, violet, carnation, jasmine and rose reveal their assertive and impertinent character at once. An elegant perfume for the lady who knows her choices. Buy this perfume as a gift for anniversary. Buy this perfume at a discounted price at TRU Perfumes.

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  • Shalimar: Launched by the design house of Guerlain in 1925, Shalimar is a women's fragrance that possesses a blend of an alluring, classic fragrance of exotic florals and vanilla. Recommended for evening use. Buy this fragrance for that classic lady who is mature and knows her worth! Buy this perfume at TRU perfumes now!

    TRU Perfumes

  • Apart from this, there are other beautiful perfume for women and perfumes for men, like, VetiverHabit RougeChamade,  SamsaraL’HOmme, and many more. Buy these scents at TRU Perfumes today!

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