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7 oriental perfumes for men to smell great day & night!

7 oriental perfumes for men to smell great day & night!

Men typically require their perfumes to last longer. Some people may be such that most perfumes will not last the entire day! And a man wont carry a bottle with them to top up the scents all day long! even if it is a miniature!

Instead of spending your hard-earned dollars on some perfume for men which lasts hardly 2 hours is utterly a waste of money. All you got to buy is something that lasts long and allows you to smell great even after a hard day’s work it is that type of perfume for men that you should invest.

Oriental perfumes are the best bet for a long-lasting effect. So what exactly are oriental perfumes? 

Oriental perfumes are generally durable and have an extraordinary fragrance that sticks with you day long. 

When it comes to perfume for men, orientals are one of the more serious, longer-enduring fragrances. Warm, sexy, colorful, and hot, orientals are made out of rich notes, for example, musk, vanilla, amber, and oakmoss. Florals sorts (otherwise known as florientals) are normally milder, while spicier forms can incorporate nutmeg, cinnamon, as well as clove. This sort of aroma doesn't mess around but keeps you smelling devine all day long! 

Here we at TRU Perfumes bring you an exclusive collection of oriental perfumes that can last for hours and make you smell and feel fresh all day long!

Why not give it a try, Here are some of our orientals pick, check it out here

  • Opium by Yves Saint Laurent: This is an empowering and invigorating fragrance with notes of vanilla, pepper, ginger and cedar. This perfume for men is certainly a great oriental fragrance. This is an exemplary man's fragrance thats classic and very well balanced.  Buy this at our online perfume store TRU Perfumes

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  • Burberry Brit: Created by the design house of Burberry in 2004, this British perfume for men combines free-spirited wild rose with notes of Tonka bean, nutmeg and cedar for an aromatic treat that is nothing short of grand. Wear Burberry Brit whether your immediate itinerary includes trotting across the globe to do some sightseeing or spending a romantic evening at home enjoying the view from your own backyard. Buy this beautiful perfume online at our perfume store TRU perfumes.

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  • Habit Rouge by Guerlain: Habit Rouge is classified as a refreshing, oriental fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of fresh citrus, lemon, mandarin, spices, leather and vanilla. It is recommended for office wear. A perfect scent that lasts for long hours you gotta have! Buy this perfume for men at our perfume store TRU perfumes.

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  • Bvlgari men in black essence Eau de parfum: Bvlgari Man in Black Eau de Parfum Spray is a manly aroma including top notes of Rum and Cinnamon and base notes of Guaiac Wood and Black Amber. This fragrance has an incredible sillage and is formal and tasteful. It's unquestionably not a fragrance for a kid or a youngster, more for a man who feels sure and claims the room in a suit. Buy this matured perfume online at our perfume store TRU perfumes.

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  • Viktor & Rolf Spice Bomb Eau de toilette: Viktor and Rolf's Spicebomb is certainly an attention-seeking perfume for men which is a genuine ladies magnet! It's top of the line and has an unmistakable fragrance that will never make them smell like others. Pick this up if you are a bold individual who doesn't mind lots of attention. This aroma is warm, zesty, its complex, warm and hot and furthermore give you notes or tobacco and leather. Buy this awesome perfume online now at our perfume store TRU Perfumes.

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  • Terre de Hermes: This perfume for men has a smoky, woodsy and oriental fragrance and keeps going throughout the day, 8 hours at any rate, perhaps 10. Its scent is stunning on the skin and has a profound unpredictability in its notes. The underlying notes are citrus, transforming into a profound, wood base closure with notes of Patchouli. On the off chance that you spritz this on two or multiple times at the beginning of the day, don't be amazed if a few people get some information about what delightful perfume you are wearing for the duration of the day!

    perfume for men
  • Tuscany Uomo EDT spray by Aramis: An awesome spicy woody perfume for men which proves time and again as a magnet for women! This classic lets you smell beautifully sexy for the entire day and be assured to get lots of compliments. Buy this perfume for men at our perfume store TRU perfumes now!

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