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Why Perfume Gift sets make the best presents

Why Perfume Gift sets make the best presents

You might wonder how can buying miniature perfumes ever be an attractive deal for anyone? Well, this week’s perfume blog from TRU Perfumes will give you the lowdown on how perfume gift sets for men and women that include multiple scent bottles is a good value whether you are shopping for fragrances for yourself or as a gift for others.

1.Travel Size Mini Perfume Gift Sets for the ones who love to or have to travel:

With strict international airport restrictions for liquids upto 100 ml onboard, perfume minis are the most convenient way of packing your favorite signature fragrance in your carry-on bag! You don’t have to worry about checking the scent bottle or risk it breaking in your suitcase. Not just that, some gift gets include a matching toiletry item like deodorant sticks or shampoos for an overnight or short business trip.

Start by some of these much-preferred favorites:


2.Miniature Perfume bottles for the bargain hunters who seek to own multiple scent bottles for the price of one:

Some of us want to just make a one-time investment on designer perfumes per season. Which one is a more attractive deal: Ditching one big bottle that you are forced to use till the end of the season OR paying only a fraction more to be the proud owner of four or five unique smelling fragrances?

If you want to try a new perfume everyday, start with these best value gift sets:


3.Three piece or Four piece Perfume Gift Sets for the friend or family member who loves their shower time:

Did you know that not all perfume gift sets carry only miniatures of fragrances? Some two, three or four piece perfume sets carry matching mini designer body lotions, shave balms, hand and body wash that leave you smelling good from head – to – toe !

Your special people will thank you for the rest of the year if you pick the best deals on fragrances from our Sydney based online perfume store:


4.Pocket sized Perfume Gift Sets for anybody who wants to smell delicious whenever and wherever:

Buying cologne or a scent is one thing, but buying cologne sets or fragrance sets is so much better. Small, practical, and pocket or purse size miniature perfume bottles save the day for a last minute meeting, date or when you simply can’t take enough of the weather and crowds.

Feel fresh and smell fantastic on the go with these tantalizing options from our online store:


At TRU Perfumes, you are in the right place to find the miniature version of your perfume and travel-size fragrances at genuine prices. Our Sydney based online fragrance store will deliver all perfumes, mini perfume sets and travel size perfumes free of cost anywhere within Australia.

Indeed, Perfume Gift sets make the best presents !




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