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We Love Dior

We Love Dior

Do you love wearing perfume? Well, who doesn’t! This invisible accessory is something worth investing especially if it is on best selling Christian Dior fragrances for men and fragrances for women.  We at TRUPerfumes swear by most Christian Dior perfumes. Not only are their bottles and packaging very classy, but they also make excellent choices for welcome gifts, signature scents, or if you are simply looking for the very best in leading luxury perfumes to make you smell like heaven.

We believe that educated buyers are the most pleased with their purchases. So here are our reviews on Christian Dior men fragrances and Dior women fragrances to help with your personal choice:

 Christian Dior colognes for men :


Let’s just say you could easily wear this game changer absolutely anywhere. It is a clean, professional scent with a bit of luxury to it, but  it can be worn on date night with no problem. A great fragrance for casual or dress, tee and jeans or a night out on the town. Dior Homme stays on for around 8 hours, and is very close to the skin after that. This is a perfect everyday wearer, and should be a staple for every man. Highly recommendable.


 If we had to pick a character to imagine the essence of Aqua Fahrenheit cologne on, it would probably be Wolverine, rough, but with an amazing good heart. This woody fragrance tells that this man is modern and, at the same time, ready to any face obstacles and fights. Because living passionately is the priority! It's rough, but somehow gentle at the same time. A great choice for the ones that love woody fragrances and want to make THE impression personally and professionally.


 A masculine cologne that stays on your clothes even after laundry! Any men’s scent with vetiver gives a very seductive, sexy, mysterious but preppy feel, and Sauvage is no less. The bottle is so very unique and stylish, but still manly enough to be on display on his end of the vanity or his dresser. It has an amazing formula that lasts over 8 hours without needing a touch up if applied properly to pulse points. It is a bit pricy, but it's so worth it. It's the perfect cologne for day or night and all occasions.

 Women’s fragrances by Dior:


This is a sensual floral women’s perfume from Dior that you can blind buy reading the online notes and take a gamble. You will definitely win with its lovely long lasting feminine smell that can’t fail to attract compliments. Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming is a mix of fruity floral feminine fragrance that will leave you love struck. Oh, and how can we forget that the bottle is gorgeous with its thick crystal and the iconic silver bow!!


 J’adore is a tribute to Christian Dior’s passion for flowers. It has just the right kind of notes – a heavenly combination of Ylang-ylang, Damascena Rose, and Sambac Jasmine. If you’re all about sophistication and femininity – you’ll love this. It’s a magnificent floral bouquet of scents. Also, the bottle looks very luxurious and classy. This classic scent is more suitable for older women and is ideal for special occasions.


Dior Poison not your thing? Dior Poison Girl Perfume will be. This sexy gourmand has a youthful twist that makes it deliciously wearable and heady. Poison Girl isn’t a sweet, cotton candy tooth-achingly glorious fragrance. It’s all about complexity  You will get rose and vanilla at first mist and at the dry down a bitter almond note. The wear time is strong and long. The fragrance adheres well to skin and doesn’t dry down into oblivion. And if you plan on wearing it in a warmer environment, look out, it intensifies and creates an aura around the wearer. This one is best reserved for evening wear

So, if you are ready to make an educated purchase, which of Dior’s wearable masterpieces will be your personal choice of genuine designer fragrances?

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