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“Spread fragrance, spread love… ”

Show some love to your silent heroes that make you smell so good.

World Fragrance day! It’s that time of the year where you celebrate the heroes that make you stand out. A beautiful day to appreciate the power of scent!

Of all the senses, smell casts a unique hold. A scent has the ability to transport you to a distant place, bring you back to a cherished moment or conjure the familiar embrace of a loved one.

For many, choosing a fragrance runs much deeper than shopping for other beauty products. It’s more of an addiction, than anything else. A choice of collection many not are fond of.

We at TRU PERFUMES, cherish such a fond love for collecting perfumes. Come visit our store if you wish to have a look at perfumes – an perfume online partner for all brands under one portal.

Fragrance has always played an important role throughout history—royalty flaunted it, business empires were changed by it and with just one whiff, a certain fragrance can transport you back in time to an old memory, remind you of a person in your life that you love. So, today, on the 21st of March, 2020, celebrate your love of all things fragrant with National Fragrance Day.

 History of perfumes, where it all started from!

Tapputi, also referred to as Tapputi-Belatekallim is considered to be the world’s first recorded chemist, a perfume-maker mentioned in a cuneiform tablet dated around 1200 BC in Babylonian Mesopotamia. She also was an overseer at the Royal Palace

How did Tapputi start making the scents?

She used flowers, oil, and calamus along with cyperus, myrrh, and balsam. She added water or other solvents then distilled and filtered several times. This is also the oldest referenced still. 


  1.   One can never have too many – the count never stops

If you have had your eye (or nose) on a new fragrance, then there’s no better day than today, to add to your collection. It’s International Fragrance Day, what other way to make it special for yourself than gifting yourself a perfume.

Different occasions, events and seasons call for different perfumes, a person can never have too many different ones – we advise you one thing from our experience at TRU PERFUMES, just don't wear them all at once!

  1.   Fragrance usage has mental benefits

Fragrance is more than just something to make us smell better—certain fragrances also have mental and physical benefits. The scent creates a reaction in the body which goes like a positive vibe. It creates that missing punch factor one lasts for. Now take for instance, peppermint - it helps energize you, lavender - helps reduce stress levels and last but not the least jasmine can help induce good sleep.

  1.   Bring in the good over the bad

No one can come to a common agreement on which is their favourite smell or a favourite perfume, we all recognize universally bad ones. When everyone plays their part on National Fragrance Day, the stink is overpowered and that’s something we can breathe easy about. The smell overpowers all the bad vibes within and outside.

Have a look at calendar of the forthcoming International perfume days in the coming years to come:



March 21, 2020


March 21, 2021


March 21, 2022


March 21, 2023


March 21, 2024


With so many brands available to cater the love, need and craze to collect your perfumes, it is a sea to choose from. We wish you all a very Happy International Fragrance Day on this day, March 21st, 2020. We would love to be your online perfume store to aid to add to your collections. Drop by and pay TRU PERFUMES a visit by the click of a button. We assure you, you will be spoilt for choices!


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