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The beauty of perfumes is that they are deeply personal and can evoke strong memories with a single note, even on a subconscious level. Scents can draw us to others, creating special bonds. Fragrance is also a form of expression, a way of revealing your mood or personality, giving others a piece of you simply through smell.

Fragrance is one accessory that must not be missed out. Treat it as a part of fashion and it will make you stand out amongst the rest!

Be it a perfume for men or a women fragrance, a fragrance has the power to draw attention always!

Be it for self-use, a gift for some, an idea of a personalised gift, perfumes always command their special place for choices and attention. We have seen how people love their collections, some run after these little bottles for their wardrobe collection while some love perfumes for the power-factor it bring s in your personality.

The relationship between a perfume bottle and you is very fine, sometimes the bottle runs out before the person and at other times, it's the other way around.


Fragrances are just as unique as people are. Every perfume after spray has their own sense of personality, every fragrance is different from the other. You have natural perfumes, you have mild perfumes for everyday usage, you have strong perfumes for an event or party. You have those high-end branded ones or the normal cheap perfumes, but the fact is they are all different from one another. Each one serves a purpose to the wearer.


Memories sneak up on us in different ways: songs, pictures - you see and imagine, memories - you recall and cherish and fragrances – moments you remember because of those scents. These are experiences we can keep at arms' length, ones that are not easy to avoid or get past. Fragrances are a palpable instant replay of all of your most precious memories, you relive in them. It’s not only the memory itself that traces you back, it’s that scent-memory's force takes you from the present to the past and back again.

How the time has gone by…

We are taken back to those sweet memories with fragrances  – their smell, so much it takes an instant click on us. We relive moments, memories and have a smile, all in a split second.

Perfumes truly are our time machines for our personal moments. These moments can be with our loved ones, our special ones, our friends and folks, anything! The fact is they do that magic on us so instantly the moment you smell those fragrance flavours, that there is nothing like an alternative to it.

How can we, at TRU PERFUME, help you rejoice those moments? Do you have any of those special flavours you know, you love to smell again, think no more, click here and visit our platform for the widest variety of exotic perfumes of flavours, types suitable for both men and women and available to you at great affordable prices.

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