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9 Sexiest perfumes to gift your man this valentine’s day!

9 Sexiest perfumes to gift your man this valentine’s day!

Will you bury your face in his neck and sigh, ‘Mmm… you smell great' as you smell the sexy hints of fragrance?

Or will you wrinkle your nose and pull away?

Whether you are his partner, wife or the special one he just met…you will be the MOST important critic of his cologne! (and don’t you doubt for even a second that he’ll be trying his utmost to be the best smelling guy in your life once he knows you care about what he wears)

Of course to you, his magnetic cologne is the most important thing you get attracted to. However, did you know you are not the only one who gets attracted by perfumes for men?  In 2007, a study in Europe showed that the individual’s attraction is driven by scent more than by sight!  So, evidently there’s a whole lot more to looking good and covering your bases !

While we just passed the gifting season, the countdown to Valentine's Day gift hunt is on, which implies it is the ideal time to choose a hot new grooming goods for your man!

Have you been browsing the internet for ideas to give him something unique?  Perfumes for men is an ideal gift for any occasion.  Why not choose a sexiest perfume to surprise your long- term love, incite an all nighter, play it safe but still stand out, or simply set the mood to make your celebration hotter?

From citrusy colognes and crisp Eau de toilettes to exotic Eau de parfums and sweet-smelling facial cleansers, there are Perfumes for men to suit each personal taste and personality.

Today, we bring you sexiest perfumes for men to make your celebrations all the more special! Check out our list of perfumes for men that are carefully picked by our experts to set the fire on this Valentine's Day 2020!

Perfumes for men

Endymion Concentrate from Penhaligon’s is eponymous fragrance inspires great and lasting passions just like the Greek God himself. At the same time, this is the perfect companion for the easy-going gentleman. The first associations of sophisticated grooming and full-bodied coffee are complemented with elegant hues of geranium, lavender and mandarin, nutmeg, resins and suede. A Classic to love that is anything but a classical love story. Buy Endymion Concentrate from Penhaligon’s love potion from our perfume store, TRU Perfumes online today!

Perfumes for men

Allow yourself to bury in the most sensual perfume with Gucci Guilty Pour Homme. This intense alpha male scent is the perfect way to meltdown this valentines day! With an exotic blend of pink pepper, spices and lemon it’s hard to let him go off! Buy Gucci Guilty Pour Homme from our perfume store, TRU Perfumes online today for a super sensual celebration of Valentine’s day!

Perfumes for men

Something of a wild card, Aventus will turn heads and raise eyebrows. Its bold and outgoing fruity notes are unforgettable and will leave a strong impression. Perfect for a memorable day!  Buy Creed Millesime Imperial from our perfume store, TRU Perfumes online today for a memorable celebration of Valentine’s day!

Perfumes for men

Stronger With You lives in the present, moulded by the energy of modernity. Perfect for the man who is unpredictable, and surprises with his originality. The perfume for men has inherited a confident elegance, with the easy nonchalance of youth and communicates with sensuality. Perfect for the special surprise for your man! Shop Stronger With You Cologne by Emporio Armani from our perfume store, TRU Perfumes online today for that special surprise celebration of Valentine’s day!

Perfumes for men

Allure is the expression of a man's charisma and inner strength. A fresh-spicy-woody composition that reveals the presence of the man who wears it. A man of indefinable sophistication who exudes a natural charisma, serenity and inner strength. Without seeking attention, all eyes are drawn to him. His fragrance marks his presence. Shop Allure by Chanel from our perfume store, TRU Perfumes online today for your man of sophistication of valentine’s day!

  • Encre Noire Cologne

    Perfumes for men
    A perfect masculine perfume with an instant magnetic quality to it. For a matured man who is a perfectionist, loyal and at the same time loving and caring. If you are the one who wants to celebrate your togetherness in a matured way, this is for you! A well-balanced woody perfume to take you to the highs just the way you always craved for! Buy Encre Noire Cologne from our perfume store, TRU Perfumes online today for your perfectionist to celebrate Valentine’s day in a way that’s perfect for you!
Perfumes for men

An oriental sensual fragrance, teams with masculine sensuality. Tom Ford Noir perfume for men evokes the refined and perfected outer appearance of a stylish urban gentleman, but giving way to the wild eroticism and carnal sensuality of what lies beneath the bespoke suit. Tom Ford Noir captures how for many men there is a sophisticated outer persona and yet there is also that private side only a few know. This contrast is what makes him fascinating. Perfect gift for the man you are fascinated about! Express your love with Tom Ford Noir perfume today! Buy Tom Ford Noir from our perfume store, TRU Perfumes online now!

Perfumes for men

Evoking the sophisticated lifestyle of a gentleman with discerning taste, this richly luxurious and dry chypre fragrance is reminiscent of the golden age of perfumery. For a man who is passionate and has rich tastes! If your guy is one such who believes in bigger and bolder moves, then Gold Man EDP by Amouage is for him! Gift him Gold Man EDP by Amouage and make the day a bigger surprise! Buy Gold Man EDP by Amouage from our perfume store, TRU Perfumes online now!

Perfumes for men

Sauvage Cologne by Christian Dior, Unleash your inner savage and be the alpha of the pack with Sauvage by Dior. This remix of the 1996 Eau Sauvage is a modern take of the original, fresh, ferocious fragrance. Inspired by the fierce plains and wild open spaces of feral lands, Sauvage would unleash your unruly side with its primal and breezy scent. Perfect for the couple who are wildly in love and are ready to break the chains of norms! Celebrate this valentine’s day with Sauvage Cologne by Christian Dior! Buy the perfume now from our perfume store, TRU Perfumes online now!

This list of perfumes for men is sure to cover the needs of every sort of couples! We at TRU perfumes believe each perfume is as beautiful as the rest. Make your buy today and pay it later with our Perfumes AfterPay and Perfumes ZipPay service. Buy your perfect Christmas gifts today and pay later!

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