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July 30, 2019

5 reasons why perfumes are the best gifts! | TRU Perfumes

Perfumes are one of the top-selling gift items. Whether you are gifting yourself or to another person, it does not matter! 

Perfumes are a great personal choice, they react differently on individual skin types. But, when you have decided to give afragrancethat is personal, opulent and luxe, you can never go wrong! 

If you are still wondering whether perfumes are a perfect gift for your special one ( We didn’t say you are not included! *wink*), then you gotta read this article.

Our experts atTRU Perfumes have come up with this 5 point guide that will explain whyperfumes are the best gifts. 

Warning**, We are not responsible ifperfumes become your go-to gift article after reading this guide! 

With no further ado, we present you with the facts.

  1. No one hates perfumes

How can anyone be reluctant towards perfume? Agree, there are few who are minimalists when it comes scents, but, we bet, they will have never known what aTRU Perfume is! Blissful scents bring that happy mood, can boost confidence and perfumes change our pheromones. When a person uses right perfume it is really hard to let go of that scent as it gives good vibes only. 

Tell us now, will you really frown if someone gifts you aJimmy Choo Perfume? Na…You can't help but be pleasantly surprised! A well-made perfume is always loved! Check out our gift collections atTRU Perfumes

TRU perfume

  1. You have a huge number of options

          Whether you aregifting perfume to a person who has already arrived at a signature scent or for the one who has started theirperfume journey now. You have so many options to choose from. Anyone would love to try a new one.  Whether you gift them in sets or a singleperfume, you have huge options! Check out our big collection of gift sets atTRU Perfumes

TRU perfumes

  1. It is easy to choose

                Did you think choosing the rightperfume in this huge array is tough? It is not, say our experts. Our experts affirm that knowing the age of the person will help you a lot in deciding the perfectfragrance.

While young and energetic lads prefer celebrityperfumes, old and middle-aged people will love to try on classics. Can anyone let go ofChanel No.5  orAramis classic? Buy, designer, celebrity or classic perfumes atTRU Perfumes now.


  1. History supports perfume as gifts!

           In ancient world history, mainly Europe,perfumes were given as gifts to show love and affection. Since there were no labels and designer houses like today,  they used to give personalised fragrances

If you want to give personalised fragrances as gifts with your personal message, check out ourpersonalisedperfumerange here atTRU Perfumes. Engrave a monogram or a complete message, that is up to you to express your affection.

personalised fragrances

  1. Natural perfumes are great!

                If you were planning to giftperfume for that allergy aunt or someone who is vegan or prefers onlyorganic perfumes, then go natural is what our experts atTRU Perfumes advice. There are many perfumes which smell divine and are completely natural. 

Manynatural perfumes, Vegan Perfume brands that have been tried and tested for many years exist. If you are looking to buy avegan and organic one, then here you go, we have a collection of that too!. Buy ithere atTRU Perfumes. Allergy and agony (gifting) free!  

Vegan Perfume


With these tips, we bet you can never go wrong! We wish you a happy gifting time! 

All you need is some knowledge.TRU Perfumes expert tips are simple and easy. These tips will for sure make you aperfume guru. Check out for more tips and beautiful ever-growing collections of fragrances atTRU Perfumes.


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So, what are you waiting for? Shop beautiful perfumes right away atTRU Perfumes now. Experience theworld of fragrance today.